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Brookhaven Youth Ranch was founded in 1986.........

as a result of the vision and determination of  Robert G. Drake.  Robert, with the support and assistance

of his wife, Dorothy, purchased 74 acres of rural central Texas ranch land not far from the small community

of Gholson and began to fulfill a dream of providing a loving and nurturing temporary home for troubled

youth. For Robert, Brookhaven was to be the final destination on a career long journey of helping youth find

their way. His helping career began in 1956 as the Dean of Boys at the Tipton Children's Home in Tipton,

Oklahoma. From there, Robert went to the Oklahoma County Detention Center in 1959 and served as a

supervisor until 1962. From 1962 until 1973 he served as superintendent of the Girls Training School

located in Tecumseh, Oklahoma. Robert left Oklahoma in 1973 and moved he and his family to Texas to

begin work with the Texas Youth Commission. During the 13 years that Robert worked with the Texas Youth

Commission he served as the Superintendent of the Gatesville State School for Boys, Director of

Institutions, Regional Director, and finally as the Superintendent of the Crockett State School. Retiring

from public service in 1986, Robert and wife Dorothy began the difficult and challenging task of starting

a youth ranch from scratch. Opening its doors in 1986, Brookhaven began by serving a handful of boys

referred by the Texas Youth Commission. Soon, however, word of the wonderful work being done at

Brookhaven Youth Ranch began to spread, and referrals started coming from Children's Protective

Services and from probation departments across the state of Texas. At the time of Robert's death on

August 18, 1992, Brookhaven was capable of housing up to 40 troubled teens. During the time since

his passing, Brookhaven has continued to grow with a staff and administration determined to carry on

Robert's vision.  Brookhaven now serves up to 61 youth with future plans to expand services to 75 youth. 


Since Mr. Drake passed away in 1992, there have been three consecutive Executive Directors charged with the

responsibility of keeping his dream alive and well.  Mr. Wayne Money served as Executive Director from

November 1992 until November of 1997. Bill Gholson assumed the leadership role in January of 1998 and

remained at Brookhaven until August of 2007. That same month, the position of Executive Director was entrusted

to Dennis Cooke, who remains to the present day.


The courage, determination and legacy of Robert G. Drake lives on at Brookhaven Youth Ranch. If Robert were

alive today his pride with what has happened to his dream would be undeniable.  





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